(Re):Starting The Blog

I think the most daunting thing about restarting your blog is starting the blog. Choosing a new theme and customizing it eats up your time, but it’s a fun makeover that usually never really ends even after you make your decisions but you do willingly and easily. Finally, after picking the presentation of your blog, you sit down at your computer and stare at the worst thing possible: a blank document page.

Oh, but think of the possibilities!

I’m a huge fan of the self-coined phrase that it is limiting to have no limits.

There are many possibilities as to what you can create with your blank document. But if you tend to overthink things like I do, then you start to become very indecisive about what to do with that document. What do you write about? Should you even write? What if you drew something instead? But then what would you draw? Where do you begin?!

It stops you in your tracks. Your creative momentum is at a standstill. You had all of this energy and motivation to make something and now you can’t even bring yourself to start. That white window is a creative juice-sucking vampire! A brain cell-eating Pac-Man! An inspiration-swallowing black hole! Your brain just stops. You feel like every idea of yours just got smashed and squished by a tap dancing elephant that’s guest-starring in STOMP: The Musical.

Now that blank document is the most evil thing you know. That’s how evil it is. You can’t even think of a non-expletive noun to describe it, so you call it a ‘thing’ and it’s just sitting on your screen, staring you down and making you feel small and helpless and totally uncreative AND IT’S JUST A BLANK PAGE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

When you have a prompt, or even just some restrictions as to what you can do, it’s easier to write. You already have a perspective (or if you don’t, you can — and should — get one) on whatever topic a prompt may give you. You know what you want to say. You just have to say it.

And then voila! It’s done! You have created something. And the empty vacuum that was your screen is no more. You killed that ‘thing’. You killed it dead.

Now all you have to do is do it again, with a different prompt.

Or you can do battle with the Creativity-Killing Overlord (A.K.A. ‘thing’) again and see how that pans out. But we all know how that will end: gibberish words splayed out across the blank document from having smashed your fists on the keyboard in frustration and two freshly emptied bottles of wine/the wrapper of a one-pound chocolate bar next to your computer.

Writing sure is fun, isn’t it?

– Ellie C. 

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