The Author

>>>> Liffy C. / “Jackrabbit” / “Roadrunner”


Hi there! I’m Liffy C. or, as some people call me, LC.

I hail from the Bay Area, and I currently split my time between Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon.

Some Fun Facts (So We’re Not Complete Strangers):

  • My favorite running weather is between 65-70º F with clear skies. But I’ll brave rain if I’m feeling a little wild! 😉
  • I love burpees.
  • I have two pet goldfish: Swoosh and Gail.
  • I lift, run, and dance (horribly, but I do an amazing “sprinkler”).
  • I love bad puns and jokes. The worse, the better. And you feta believe it!
  • My dream pet is a quokka. But if we’re being realistic, an Australian Cattle Dog.

The Blog

I started this blog for some friends so they could use it to keep up with the races I’ve done and have some insight if they wanted to start running/exercising. It’s since extended to other fitness-related topics including exercise tips and tricks, fitness myth-debunking essays, and product reviews/recommendations. But mostly rants and ramblings.

The information on this blog, while usually involves outside research, mostly stems from personal experience and is for “funsies” (or, as fancy people like to say, “informational purposes”) only. Despite having the ability to appear like I knows things, I’m not a medical professional.

Have any questions? Want an opinion on a product/exercise/activity/etc.? Feel free to drop me a line here.


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